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ThirdPath Institute is a pioneering nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia that gives parents the tools they need to strike the balance they’re looking for between work life and family life.  ThirdPath also does a lot of other progressive work on social policy and helping employers to design creative work-life balance solutions to maximize employee efficiency, productivity and morale.

This organization, Postpartum Support International, promotes research, education and public awareness of the relationship between childbirth and women’s emotional health.

Dads & Daughters is a little-known nonprofit gem.  It promotes research and awareness of the link between strong, healthy father-daughter relationships and girls’ self -esteem.  Dads & Daughters gives families great ideas and tools for strengthening connections that nourish the selves of young women.

When you’re feeling trapped at home with your little one, this is a great way to get out of the house, meet other moms, and get some exercise without worrying about childcare.  One Fit Mama offers bring-your-baby stroller fitness classes all over suburban Philadelphia in non-gym settings.  It also hosts lots of neat educational and social events for moms.

Eating Disorders

I highly recommend this website to anyone who wants to learn more about eating disorders.

This is a non-diet website created by Karin Kratina, RD, PhD and Amy Tuttle, RD, LCSW.  Amy is the Director of Restoration and Discovery, LLC (previously know as Nutrition Profiles), a Philadelphia-based nutrition, psychotherapy, and healing arts group practice.  She and her colleagues support women to tune in to their bodies and overcome anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating using non-diet and mindfulness-based approaches.

This is a website for another wonderful local nutritionist, Angela Grassi, MS, RD.  Angela offers a unique support group for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome and individual nutrition therapy for women with PCOS and individuals with eating disorders.

Trauma & EMDR

This is the largest organization that promotes and regulates EMDR as a technique used by licensed clinicians in the treatment of trauma.

This concise article that summarizes clinical research on the benefits of yoga in recovering from anxiety disorders and posttraumatic stress.

Infertility & Pregnancy Loss

RESOLVE is a nonprofit organization that educates and supports people struggling with infertility. It includes an enormous national database of medical providers and other support services.

ASRM is the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. They determine ethical practice standards and advance clinical research in the field. They also provide a wide array of information to patients.

Negative Self & Body Image

This is a very effective 60-second film called “Evolution” that demonstrates how commercial advertising distorts images of women and impacts our self/body image.

This is one section from the web companion to the landmark text Our Bodies Ourselves which features a comprehensive list of web resources for women of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes to learn more about accepting and caring for their bodies.

About Me

If you're interested in learning about my educational background, this is the website of the school where I obtained my master’s degree in clinical social work.

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